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Widget that shows trending topics discussed in Dutch municipalities
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types.ts Multi month support Apr 30, 2019


License: MIT

A webapplication that uses Open Raadsinformatie to show which topics are being discussed in Dutch municipalities. Uses the WeighWords library / Parsimonius algorithm to calculate which words are trending.

Check it out at VNG Realisatie or at!

Use as widget

Add this iFrame to your webpage:

  <iframe src="" height="100%" width="100%" frameborder="o" scrolling="no">
    Raadstalk kan niet worden geladen. Bezoek <a href=""></a>

Put it inside a wrapping element that constrains its width (about 250px) and height (about 400px).

See an example HTML file here.

Managing Topics

  • Visit admin.localhost (or in production) and login using your credentials. The password is set with the secret.env file.
  • Manage months and their items by adjusting raadstalk.YYYY-MM. You can remove items from the lists.
  • Blacklist words / words to ignore can be set by adding items to raadstalk.stupid_words
  • Create backups by exporting the redis data and pasting the content to a new .redis file in the ./backups folder. You can import these using the same interface.

Local development

  • Setup the secret cp secret_template.env secret.env
  • Change the password vim secret.env
  • Setup the environment variables cd server && cp template.env .env
  • Make sure docker is running and docker-compose is installed
  • ./
  • Visit http://localhost
  • Redis admin is available at http://localhost:8888 or http://admin.localhost
  • If you have VSCode, you can use the Debug server configuration for the back-end


  • First add the stupid_words blacklist using redis admin. Use a backup.
  • docker-compose up --build trends for running trends task to update the words
  • docker-compose up --build countall for updating trends task to update all counts
  • docker-compose up --build countlastmonth for updating trends task to update last months counts

Deployment & devops

  • Clone the repo to the server.
  • Clone the secret template file cp secret_templace.env secret.env and change the password.
  • For HTTPS, use ./ Check this tutorial for more information.
  • cd raadstalk
  • Adjust variables.env to set start date.
  • Download the latest version and restart docker-compose ./
  • Don't forget to periodically run trends crontab ./cronjob


Funded by VNG Realisatie B.V.

Development by Joep Meindertsma (@joepio) & Jurrian Trom (@jurrian) from Ontola / Argu B.V.



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