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This directory contains mappings from the WordNet lexical database to 
SUMO.  The latest set of mappings is to WordNet 3.0 and is called 
WordNetMappings30-xxx.txt, where "xxx" is one of [noun,verb,adj,adv].  
Note that to use these mappings with Sigma, you must match the mapping 
version with the data files from the appropriate WordNet version, 
available at the WordNet website.  Also, although the first versions of 
the mappings were just to SUMO itself, later versions have been free to 
map to any term in SUMO, MILO, or the domain ontologies.  The file name 
designation "-allOntologies" has been dropped in the 3.0 version as this 
version and all future versions will use terms from all the SUMO 

For the latest version of WordNet, see

The latest SUMO is available at