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This document describes what has changed in Ontopia between releases, both at a higher level, and in more detail.

Ontopia 5.3.0

This release is a bug fix and cleanup release and adds the new NameIF interface.

The following changes have been made:

  • Added NameIF interface to support operations that can return any name.
  • More generics were added to the Ontopia interfaces
  • The dependencies to patched artifacts hosted by the Ontopia repository (jing, trove and touchgraph) have been refactored to their respected pulic counterparts. This means the Ontopia repository is no longer present in the POM.
  • Removed the PoolableSetFactoryIF, PoolableSetIF and SetPoolIF interfaces and their implementing classes.
  • Improved the closing of TopicMapSourceIF objects when closing a TopicMapRepositoryIF object fixing possible memory leaks and clustering issues.
  • Added missing implementations for persisting reference title and base address changes in an RDBMS environment
  • Added functionality to LTM parser that allows reification based on a prefixed PSI
  • Added functionality to LTM parser that allows predefined PSI prefixes to be used when exporting a topic map
  • A long standing issue regarding difference of topic map loading in Navigator and Engine has been resolved. (Issue 392)
  • Added fallback-value functionality to tolog:id, tolog:oid and tolog:oid
  • Improved tag pool handling in navigator tags, also added tests for this.
  • Fixed the export of topic maps within Ontoploy (Issue 466)
  • Fixes missing classes in the Vizlet (Issue 450)
  • Upgraded to SLF4J 1.7.5
  • Fixed issues in the TMRAP-webapp that were blocking the Axis SOAP service. Note that the presence of Crimson on the classpath will still stop TMRAP from working as a SOAP service.

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Issue 56: Automate distribution uploading
  • Issue 66: Remove dependency to patched 3rd-party libs
  • Issue 70: Testing after installation failures
  • Issue 224: Ontopia could show version number
  • Issue 232: Execute RDBMS tests during build
  • Issue 392: NavigatorApplication.getTopicMapRepository() returns different repository object then TopicMaps.getTopicMapRepository() for the same sources file
  • Issue 406: Cant build ontopia from scratch
  • Issue 422: ontopia/pom.xml contains duplicate maven-javadoc-plugin dependency
  • Issue 432: Error in NextPreviousOptimizer
  • Issue 446: Export in Ontopoly produces 0 byte file, Export in Ominigator produces correct result
  • Issue 450: the failure when use "Visualize"
  • Issue 452: LTM reification should support prefix:suffix notation
  • Issue 454: LTMTopicMapWriter should support user defined prefixes
  • Issue 457: Cannot create symmetric associations with the browse dialog
  • Issue 460: Omnigator documentation specifies incorrect path for topicmaps location
  • Issue 465: Upgrade slf4j to 1.6 or higher
  • Issue 466: TMRAP webapp fails to start due to missing axis class
  • Issue 467: tolog:out, :oid and :id tags should support fallback value
  • Issue 468: RDBMSTopicMapSource should implement close() method
  • Issue 469: TopicMapSourceIF could use close() method
  • Issue 470: RDBMSTopicMapReference.setTitle is not persisted
  • Issue 471: RDBMSTopicMapReference should implement methods to get and set base address
  • Issue 473: RDBMSTopicMapSource.refresh might leave references open
  • Issue 474: Documentation pages are missing tables of contents and section numbering
  • Issue 475: RDBMS clustering throws exception when shared cache is off
  • Issue 476: JGroups fails to include sub-dependency commons-logging
  • Issue 477: SimpleClassifier holds files open
  • Issue 479: Ability to build Ontopia without need for port 8080
  • Issue 480: PoolableSet[Factory][IF] and SetPool[IF] classes are unused and should be removed
  • Issue 481: XTMTopicMapWriter does not add xlink namespace
  • Issue 482: Ontopia distribution contains duplicate libraries
  • Issue 483: Revision r2338 exposes error in tolog SetTag when used with tag pooling

Ontopia 5.2.2

This release is a bug fix release and introduces some new API methods for TopicIF.

The following changes have been made:

  • TopicIF now has the new optimized methods getOccurrencesByType(), getTopicNamesByType(), getAssociations() and getAssociationsByType(). The RDBMS implementation uses SQL queries for these methods to increase performance.
  • A long standing issue regarding merging of occurrence and name types in RDBMS topicmaps has been fixed (Issue 409)
  • Statistics of a topicmap can now be obtained from the new StatisticsIndexIF index
  • TMXMLWriter now supports setting prefixes beforehand

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Issue 447: The PostgreSQL specific searcher implementation is broken due to deprecated function use
  • Issue 448: Topicmap statistics should be available though API
  • Issue 449: TMXMLWriter should support user defined prefixes
  • Issue 411: TopicIF should have a getOccurrencesByType(TopicIF type) method
  • Issue 409: MergeUtils fails to merge names of name and occurrences types that do not have a subject identifier

Ontopia 5.2.1

This release is a minor bug fix release, which includes the fixed vizigator and omnigator vizlet.

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Issue 438: Vizigator is not starting on Mac!
  • Issue 439: TopicNameComparator might throw NullPointerException
  • Issue 440: bat file pointing to noneixisting jar file in 5.2.0

For the full documentation see http://ontopia.net/doc/5.2.1

Ontopia 5.2.0

This is the first release in the new Maven structure. It includes the modularization of Ontopia along with bug fixes along with some new functionality.

The following changes have been made:

  • Ontopia is now divided into Maven modules based functionality. For developers working with Ontopia as a dependency this means that there is a more controlled way of including parts of Ontopia as a dependency. This change does not affect Ontopia distribution users.
  • The distribution has been updated to include Tomcat version 6.
  • The DB2TM functionality has been extended and improved.
  • Ontopoly had several outstanding bugs. Support for exporting TM/XML and schema without data was added.
  • Tolog now supports negative integer values and some basic numeric operations through the numbers module.
  • Ontopia now uses Lucene 2.9.4 (up from 2.2.0).

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Issue 41: CVS tags in source code
  • Issue 59: Modularize the product
  • Issue 60: Tweak the directory-structure to add initial Maven2 support
  • Issue 152: Document access control in Ontopoly
  • Issue 189: Query text box in omnigator could be larger
  • Issue 285: URIUtils.getURI to support resources
  • Issue 307: Omnigator doesn't show correct "untyped" name for topics
  • Issue 325: Ontopoly date and datetime fields don't allow user input
  • Issue 339: export topicmap without data
  • Issue 344: CanonicalXTMWriterTestGenerator is not included in test configuration + testdata baseline is outdated
  • Issue 363: Document DB2TM changelog improvement
  • Issue 368: Ontopoly 5.1.3 fails to add Subject identifier Identity for Topic classes
  • Issue 369: Ontopoly - Removing fields from topic type definition
  • Issue 378: Apache Tomcat should be updated to 5.5.33
  • Issue 380: Class.forName uses wrong classloader
  • Issue 381: StreamUtils.readString might return incorrect result
  • Issue 383: Not all TMAPI2 test are ran in the trunk, and fail when enabled
  • Issue 384: LTM export of RDBMS readonly topicmap causes ClassCastException
  • Issue 385: tolog subject-locator predicate returns wrong costs iff topic is bound and IRI is unbound
  • Issue 386: tolog reifies predicate returns wrong costs
  • Issue 387: Docs "The Built-in tolog Predicates" - Wrong example for the reifies predicate
  • Issue 389: coalesce() predicate in ontopia 5.1.3 doesn't allow unbound second argument
  • Issue 389: coalesce() predicate in ontopia 5.1.3 doesn't allow unbound second argument
  • Issue 390: Allow CTM topic map sources should be able to have their full-text indexes maintained just like XTM and LTM topic maps
  • Issue 391: QueryUtils circumvents query processor caching for non-tolog languages
  • Issue 393: JFlex is an unnecessary compile/runtime dependency
  • Issue 395: Test-specific methods in FileUtils
  • Issue 397: Documentation for Ontopia Web Editor framework is broken.
  • Issue 399: Build date is wrong
  • Issue 407: Ontopia distribution doesn't contain xerces.jar
  • Issue 408: Cannot sort on numbers
  • Issue 412: Ontopoly instances page takes very long to load on types with a lot of intsances
  • Issue 413: The Tomcat download link returns a 404
  • Issue 415: Build Ontopia from tomcat.zip, not tomcat.tar.gz
  • Issue 417: Ontopoly access right 'NONE' gives a user read-write rights
  • Issue 418: StringUtils.compare() should be case-sensitive
  • Issue 434: NumbersModuleTest fails due to locale

For the full documentation see http://ontopia.net/doc/5.2.0

Previous version

For release notes on previous version, see http://www.ontopia.net/doc/current/whatsnew.html