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See This repository is basically a Bi-LSTM based sequence tagger in both Tensorflow and Dynet which can utilize several sources of information about each word unit like word embeddings, character based embeddings and morphological tags from an FST to obtain the representation for that specific wor…
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Neural Tagger for MD and NER

This repo contains the software that was used to conduct the experiments reported in our article titled "Improving Named Entity Recognition by Jointly Learning to Disambiguate Morphological Tags" [1] to be presented at COLING 2018.

Training and testing

We recommend using the helper scripts for conducting experiments. The scripts named helper-script-* run the experiments in the paper with given hyper parameters.

bash ./scripts/ campaing_name | parallel -j6

For the reporting part to work, you should set up a working sacred environment, which is very easy if you choose a filesystem based storage. You can find an example of this in the helper script found in ./scripts/TRUBA folder.

Tag sentences

This project do not have a designated tagger script for now but you can obtain the output in eval_dir. You should provide the text in tokenized form in CoNLL format. The script will tag both the development and testing files and produce files in ./evaluation/temp/eval_logs/. If you need this and want to contribute by coding and sharing it with the project, you are welcome.

Replication of the experiments

To reproduce the experiments reported with our model, you can use Docker and build a replica of our experimentation environment.

To build:

docker build -t yourimagename:yourversion .

To run:

docker run -ti -v `pwd`/dataset:/opt/ner-tagger-dynet/dataset -v `pwd`/models:/opt/ner-tagger-dynet/models yourimagename:yourversion python --train dataset/gungor.ner.train.small --dev dataset/ --test dataset/gungor.ner.test.small --word_dim 300 --word_lstm_dim 200 --word_bidirect 1 --cap_dim 100 --crf 1 --lr_method=adam --maximum-epochs 50 --char_dim 200 --char_lstm_dim 200 --char_bidirect 1 --overwrite-mappings 1 --batch-size 1

You should create or set permissions accordingly for `pwd`/dataset and `pwd`/models.


[1] Gungor, O., Uskudarli, S., Gungor, T., Improving Named Entity Recognition by Jointly Learning to Disambiguate Morphological Tags, 2018, COLING 2018, 19-25 August, (to appear).

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