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BookPub: EPUB Reader - 2019 (Java) (Android App)

BookPub on Google Play

BookPub: EPUB Reader (Fast, Lite, Simple, Interactive and Open Source)

  • Very fast book detect and sync (1000 books in approximately 8 seconds)
  • Requires low memory space
  • User-friendly experience with modern design
  • EPUB 3 multimedia content support (Plays interactive files, videos, audios)
  • Runs javascript codes and files in a book
  • Open-source project and library (


  • Keep screen on when reading
  • Automatic and fast book sync on startup
  • Rotation lock for portrait and landscape mode

Library Features

  • Edit books by changing book title or author
  • Delete books from the library or phone memory
  • Search books with the book title or author in the library
  • View book list with list view (1 grid for vertical orientation) or grid view (2 grid for horizontal orientation or tablets)
  • Sort and show books by title, author, import time or open time
  • Show or hide import time and open time on the interface

EPUB Reader (Viewer) Features

  • Save where I left feature
  • Built-in web browser support
  • Search words or sentences in book pages
  • Customize book page style with visual options:
    • Font family as sans serif, serif, monospace, cursive or default
    • Font size as %90, %95, 100%, 105% 110%
    • Font style as normal, italic, default
    • Font weight as normal, bold, default
    • Text align as left, right, center, justify, default
    • Line height as 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2
    • Margin as %0, %1, %2, %3, %4, %5
    • Themes as ghost white, dark slate gray, bisque
  • Jump between pages in a book with book content list or seek bar
  • Shows current page name and percentage of pages you read in seek bar
  • Copy or share quotes or the whole page
  • Highlight quotes and save them into a text file (Every book has own quotes .txt file in phone memory)
  • Share or delete text files which contain quotes
  • Jump between highlighted quotes in a book
  • Paging with scrolling (To show all EPUB content properly)


BookPub: EPUB Reader - 2019 (Java) (Android App)







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