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* Add timing related details and encryption to Annex. Rename fragment to snippet to avoid collision with ISO BMFF definitions.

* Unify naming convention to align with CMAF segment.

* Normalize line endings

* Update specification proposal according to Casablanca discussion

* Specify content type of objects

* Specify fields for storage type ObjectStorageS3

* Address pull request comments

* Define different span end object extensions

* Add remark regarding encryption with separate keys

* Rename ExternalRecordingFormat to TargetFormat

* Make Key optional so it can be write-only

* Address pull request comments

* Add region for ObjectStorageS3 configuration

* Specify default region for ObjectStorageS3

* Convert region attribute to upper camel case

* Convert mode attribute to upper camel case

* Fix image sizes

* Add CBCS encryption mode

* Add draft of authentication details for ObjectStorageAzure

* Update images

* Rename imagtes to camel case

* Replace must not with shall not

* Add paragraph about ignoring required Username for ObjectStorageAzure

* Fix capitalization of UserName

* Separate hour and minute by / in object key

* Fix punctuation

Co-authored-by: jflevesque-genetec <>

* Remove incorrect "as"

Co-authored-by: jflevesque-genetec <>

* Add figure showing alignment of CMAF segments

* Add preliminary list of object attributes

* Add note about source of VideoWidth and VideoHeight

* Clarify trc:Encryption capability

* Remove duplicate "of"

Co-authored-by: jflevesque-genetec <>

* Remove paragraph about uploading unspecified objects

* Rename trc:Encryption to trc:EncryptionEntryLimit

* Clarify capabilities

* Rephrase cloud recording introduction

* Add missing RFC references

* Clarify spans section

* Clarify segments section

* Clarify object key format

* Clarify MP4 format rules

* Clarify CMAF format rules

* Clarify encryption section

* Clarify usage of object attributes

* Add examples for attribute key prefixes

* Add section with example object keys

* Fix counter in example span end object keys

* Change KID type to xs:string


Co-authored-by: Felix Schütz <>
Co-authored-by: jflevesque-genetec <>

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October 1, 2021 07:50

ONVIF Technical Specification Development

This repository is dedicated to future extensions of the ONVIF Network Interface Specifications which include

  • Network Interface Specification Documents
  • Schemas and wsdl files

Note that officially released specifications are available at

You may browse the repository for proposals and corrections that have been assigned to a release.


For participation in the development please study our guidelines.


Due to legal reasons based on earlier contributions by ONVIF members, contributions to the specifications are goverened by a dual license. The ONVIF specifications themselves are published using the ONVIF no-derivatives license while the contributions themselves are applicable to the Apache license allowing contributors to collaborate and derive contributions. For the license texts see LICENSE.