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Python 10 2


a nginx config generatore for django project.

Updated Apr 29, 2016

Python 1 0


allow to create a django foreignkey that don't link with pk of other model, but with multi column matching local model columns or fixed values.

Updated Apr 25, 2016

Python 0 438


forked from dyve/django-bootstrap3

Bootstrap 3 integration with Django.

Updated Jan 27, 2016

Python 0 0


a template usable by to start a apps and a project with some better defaults files

Updated Jun 2, 2015

Python 0 178


forked from applegrew/django-select2

This is a Django integration for Select2

Updated Mar 30, 2015

Python 1 0


forked from bryanveloso/django-template-preprocessor

Template preprocessor/compiler for Django

Updated Jul 24, 2014

Python 0 61


forked from volkdm/django-pyodbc

Fork of django-pyodbc that adds support for Django 1.5 and fixe some bugs

Updated Jul 10, 2014

JavaScript 0 290


forked from dyve/django-bootstrap-toolkit

Bootstrap support for Django projects

Updated Jan 16, 2014

JavaScript 0 79


forked from klen/django_markdown

Django markdown support and wysiwig

Updated Jan 14, 2014

Python 0 70


forked from jdunck/python-unicodecsv

Python2's stdlib csv module is nice, but it doesn't support unicode. This module is a drop-in replacement which *does*.

Updated Sep 24, 2013

Python 0 295


forked from etianen/django-reversion

An extension to the Django web framework that provides comprehensive version control facilities.

Updated May 27, 2013

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