Starter tutorial for working with Onyx
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A starter project to get your feet wet with Onyx 0.9.15. Uses the core.async plugin for both input and output. Requires no external dependencies.

Walk Through walks through the repository in detail.


Clone the repo

git clone

Run the sample job

Run the tests or use the repl to see it work. Tail onyx.log for Onyx output.

lein test
(require 'onyx-starter.launcher.submit-sample-job)
(onyx-starter.launcher.submit-sample-job/submit-job user/system)

If you wish to make any code changes, call (user/reset) to refresh your environment before resubmitting the job.

Expected output
 [{:word "HeY!"}
  {:word "ThErE!"}
  {:word "UsEr!"}
  {:word "It's!"}
  {:word "ReAlLy!"}
  {:word "NiCe!"}
  {:word "OuTsIdE!"}
  {:word "I!"}
  {:word "LiVe!"}
  {:word "In!"}
  {:word "ReDmOnD!"}

 [{:word "HeY?"}
  {:word "ThErE?"}
  {:word "UsEr?"}
  {:word "It's?"}
  {:word "ReAlLy?"}
  {:word "NiCe?"}
  {:word "OuTsIdE?"}
  {:word "I?"}
  {:word "LiVe?"}
  {:word "In?"}
  {:word "ReDmOnD?"}

If you would like to use the Onyx Dashboard to inspect the cluster, download the uberjar.

In core.clj evaluate the sample file bit by bit, as above.

After evaluating the line: (def env (onyx.api/start-env env-config)) start the dashboard by:

ZOOKEEPER_ADDR="" java -jar onyx-dashboard-VERSION-NUMBER.jar


Copyright © 2015 Distributed Masonry LLC

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.