JBEE - Java Basic Expression Evaluator
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JBEE - Java Basic Expression Evaluator

JBEE is yet another parser and evaluator for arithmetic expressions. It started out as a calculator component for TradeTrax (http://www.onyxbits.de/tradetrax), but quickly matured into a standalone project.


TradeTrax needed a way to evaluate simple, user submitted arithmetic expressions. A number of solutions already existed for that problem but turned out to be either buggy or have other shortcomings making them unsuitable for the task. In the end it seemed easier to implement a new evaluator, entirely from scratch, than to try project after project, just to learn the hard way that they don't meet the requirements:

  • A parser constructed from a BNF grammar to ensure that expressions evaluate properly.
  • Leightweight, small sized code with no external runtime dependencies.
  • Must use BigDecimal exclusively. Precission loss is not acceptable in library code (unless configured otherwise).
  • Must be configurable to honor locale settings when parsing decimal numbers.

For more information (in particular usage instructions), please see http://onyxbits.de/jbee/handbook