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#!/usr/bin/env python
from csvkit import convert
from csvkit.cli import CSVKitUtility
class In2CSV(CSVKitUtility):
description = 'Convert common, but less awesome, tabular data formats to CSV.'
epilog='Some command line flags only pertain to specific input formats.'
override_flags = ['f']
def add_arguments(self):
self.argparser.add_argument(metavar="FILE", nargs='?', dest='input_path',
help='The CSV file to operate on. If omitted, will accept input on STDIN.')
self.argparser.add_argument('-f', '--format', dest='filetype',
help='The format of the input file. If not specified will be inferred from the file type. Supported formats: %s.' % ', '.join(sorted(convert.SUPPORTED_FORMATS)))
self.argparser.add_argument('-s', '--schema', dest='schema',
help='Specifies a CSV-formatted schema file for converting fixed-width files. See documentation for details.')
self.argparser.add_argument('-k', '--key', dest='key',
help='Specifies a top-level key to use look within for a list of objects to be converted when processing JSON.')
self.argparser.add_argument('-y', '--snifflimit', dest='snifflimit', type=int,
help='Limit CSV dialect sniffing to the specified number of bytes. Specify "0" to disable sniffing entirely.')
self.argparser.add_argument('--sheet', dest='sheet',
help='The name of the XLSX sheet to operate on.')
self.argparser.add_argument('--no-inference', dest='no_inference', action='store_true',
help='Disable type inference when parsing the input.')
def main(self):
if self.args.filetype:
filetype = self.args.filetype
if filetype not in convert.SUPPORTED_FORMATS:
self.argparser.error('"%s" is not a supported format' % self.args.filetype)
elif self.args.schema:
filetype = 'fixed'
elif self.args.key:
filetype = 'json'
if not self.args.input_path or self.args.input_path == '-':
self.argparser.error('You must specify a format when providing data via STDIN (pipe).')
filetype = convert.guess_format(self.args.input_path)
if not filetype:
self.argparser.error('Unable to automatically determine the format of the input file. Try specifying a format with --format.')
if filetype in ('xls', 'xlsx'):
self.input_file = open(self.args.input_path, 'rb')
self.input_file = self._open_input_file(self.args.input_path)
kwargs = self.reader_kwargs
if self.args.schema:
kwargs['schema'] = self._open_input_file(self.args.schema)
if self.args.key:
kwargs['key'] = self.args.key
if self.args.snifflimit:
kwargs['snifflimit'] = self.args.snifflimit
if self.args.sheet:
kwargs['sheet'] = self.args.sheet
if self.args.no_inference:
kwargs['type_inference'] = False
if filetype == 'csv' and self.args.no_header_row:
kwargs['no_header_row'] = True
# Fixed width can be processed as a stream
if filetype == 'fixed':
kwargs['output'] = self.output_file
data = convert.convert(self.input_file, filetype, **kwargs)
def launch_new_instance():
utility = In2CSV()
if __name__ == "__main__":
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