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forked from coder2000/twitter_bootstrap_form_for

A Rails FormBuilder DSL for generating Twitter Bootstrap forms

Updated Mar 23, 2012


forked from ryansobol/rack-bouncer

A Rack middleware that expels undesirable browsers out of your website.

Updated Feb 14, 2012


forked from patshaughnessy/paperclip

Forked to store files in a database table

Updated Dec 20, 2011


forked from Compass/compass

Compass is a Stylesheet Authoring Environment that makes your website design simpler to implement and easier to maintain.

Updated Dec 19, 2011


forked from matthuhiggins/foreigner

Adds foreign key helpers to migrations and correctly dumps foreign keys to schema.rb

Updated Oct 18, 2011

Ruby 2 9


forked from dryade/map_layers

MapLayers plugin for Rails

Updated Oct 10, 2011


forked from ffmike/db-populate

Manage seed data for Rails projects

Updated Aug 25, 2011

Ruby 1 0


Sample application to consume a TTAS Oauth Message

Updated May 17, 2011

Ruby 1 0


Daemon application that checks a pop3 mail server and pulls down the contents. The contents contain a UUEncoded file that is parsed and saved in the dropbox folder.

Updated Mar 8, 2011


forked from pdeffendol/spatial_adapter

Spatial Adapter for ActiveRecord

Updated Feb 1, 2011


forked from dnclabs/client_side_validations

Rails Client Side Validations

Updated Jan 27, 2011

Python 1 0


Updated Dec 2, 2010


forked from smecsia/prawnto

a featureful rails plugin leveraging the new kickass prawn library to produce compiled pdf views

Updated Nov 10, 2010


forked from binarylogic/authlogic_ldap

An extension of Authlogic to add LDAP authentication.

Updated Nov 3, 2010

Ruby 1 3


forked from bigbinary/exception2db

log rails exceptions to database when you can't use hoptoad because of privacy reasons. You still get to use hoptoad_notifier and hoptoad API . However the exception data gets saved in a database instead of going to hoptoad.

Updated Aug 20, 2010


forked from mhennemeyer/matchy

RSpec-esque matchers for Test::Unit

Updated Jan 6, 2010

Ruby 1 1


forked from dcadenas/auto_focusable_forms

Plugin to automatically give focus to your Rails forms

Updated May 30, 2009

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