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I have made the following changes to greg:

  • re-introduced a peg parser with the name rpeg
  • compared the sources of greg/rpeg and peg/leg and aligned the source importing the latest changes from peg 0.1.8
  • re-introduced a manpage (updated to describe greg/rpeg)
  • re-named samples to examples and re-added old examples using peg syntax. Those using the leg syntax are still there.
  • bumped version to 0.4.4



nddrylliog commented May 5, 2012

Wow, that's quite the pull request :) Will review in the next days, including making sure it doesn't break https://github.com/nddrylliog/rock and then merge!

Let me know if I have to fix something. :-)
I am revising the manual page and already did some changes, because it seems that this is a project from Ian Piumarta, while it should be clear that this work is based on its own, but he is not supposed to answer about issues of greg.
By the way, it would be nice to put some notice about authors, releases and maybe an homepage. Is there any? Does Ian know about this project?


nddrylliog commented May 9, 2012

I don't think Ian knows, and an AUTHORS file could be really cool (the authorship can be retraced with the git history pretty easily).

Indeed he is not supposed to answer questions about greg, the message should be to open an issue here!

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