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@@ -7,20 +7,11 @@ get a fancy executable. Nice try, but ...
rock is a *self-hosting* compiler, ie. it's written in ooc, and we
use rock to compile rock, and so you also need a rock executable to
compile rock.
-True, it sounds complicated, but it doesn't have to be. There is
-an online service called *alpaca* that automatically detects commits
-on our git repository, fetches all changes and compiles rock for you.
-To ensure compatibility across platforms, it also generates a
-tarball of rock's generated C sources. Just download them, extract them
-and run `make` again.
-Visit the alpaca at:
-Fetch the `C sources for manual bootstrapping` - or just use this link:
+True, it sounds complicated, but it doesn't have to be. Just go to
+ and download the latest
+bootstrap tarball into your local clone of rock. This tarball contains
+C sources generated by rock for a recent version of rock, which can
+be compiled with only a C compiler.
Extract, run `make` again. Enjoy.

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