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about rock tests

Tests in this directory are ran with sam

Here are the general rules:

  • The simplest form of test is expected to compile, and exit with 0
  • Tests are split between 'compiler' tests (language features) and 'sdk' tests
  • To expect compiler errors, one may use the //! shouldfail sam directive
  • To expect that a program crashes, one may use the //! shouldcrash sam directive

sam directives are just carefully crafted comments in the ooc source code. For example, this tests that an invalid ooc file will not compile:

// !shouldfail

main: func {

// missing closing brace here on purpose

shouldcrash is used similarly, but its use should normally be very rarely required.

running tests

Tests are ran on each push, in every branch, by the Travis continuous integration system.

If you want to run tests locally, you may want to clone sam, install it, and then run:

sam test

From the rock directory.

To run a single group of tests, for example, test/compiler/generics, run:

sam test rock.use test/compiler/generics


Tests should be, as much as possible, written so they compile and run on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.

Linux is a must, since the continuous integration builds are done there, Mac OSX is usually a no-brainer, and Windows is a bonus, but appreciated.


We have no test coverage tool so far. The general consensus on the quantity of tests is 'not enough'.