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+++ title = "Jekyll is dead, long live Hugo!" date = 2017-07-25T20:24:55+01:00 draft = false slug = "" tags = [ "Hugo" ] categories = [] locale = "en-GB" +++

Over the past few days I've been revamping in terms of direction and style. While considering my work I took the opportunity to also review my choice of static-site-generator (SSG).

Jekyll was such a no-brainer at the time; SSGs were in their infancy and GitHub offers free generating and hosting of Jekyll sites. The development cost to me was negligable. Fast-forward a number of years and the SSG space has exploded, in fact, it feels like the choice of programming languages grows with a power-law!


The rationale behind the blog revamp is simple; I'm focussing on a few core technologies that I'm using more regularly; namely Angular and Firebase.

While I won't restrict myself to these technologies (I'm digging into nativescript at the moment), the resolve is useful in helping me decide what to write about.

If I was naive to give myself a moonshot goal, it would be to become a Google Developer Expert for Firebase. The limiting factor here is really on of time; I'm employed full-time, have a newborn and dedicate a lot of time to exercise and reading.


Purple-pink gradients? That's so 2017.

It may seem like a radical departure from the previous style, but that's largely aesthetics. In terms of layout the site is nigh-on identical, we have a single-column with:

  • Header
  • Navbar
  • Content
  • Footer

UX is hard, until it isn't - for I couldn't justify the effort of departing from the perfectly functional structure.

Even Facebook is getting in on the purple-pink action.

NPM Task Runner

I use Grunt, Gulp and npm as day-to-day task-runners, but never found the urge to add this to my blog - the purity of a vanilla setup is really appealing! Well, that time has gone; I've taken the opportunity to add a simple NPM task runner for this site. At the time of writing I've only got two tasks running:

  • Build or Serve Hugo
  • Compile SASS

On my roadmap I've earmarked the need for running ngrok so that I can test how any given article renders when shared to different platforms. I could use my IP address, but that doesn't exactly scale.

Hosting with Netlify

The last peice of this extremely simple puzzle is hosting. I first started using Netlify at Accredible a number of months ago. In the time we've worked with the system I've seen it go from strength to strength.

This is a product that presents itself very simply (static site deployment), but in reality they have an amazing set of features with such good defaults you don't need to change anything.

  • Git Integration
  • CDN Hosting
  • Runs npm and python
  • Automatic SSL provisioning with Let's Encrypt
  • Prerendering
  • Split Testing
  • Form Submission Hooks - these allow you to pipe data to Zapier for further processing

In Memory of Jekyll

oodavid on Jekyll - R.I.P.
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