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Black market currency rate instantly in your terminal!
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Black market currency rate instantly in your terminal! (Powered by AbokiFx.)

NOTE: I am in no way affiliated with AbokiFx. I don't know anyone that works there, have no relationship with them -- nothing.


Before using aboki, you should be familiar with foreign exchange and black market... Duh!


You can install aboki via pip:

$ pip install aboki

Once aboki has been installed, you'll can start by running:

$ aboki test


If you simply run aboki on the command line, you'll get a list of help.

$ aboki recent                          # show recent exchange rates
$ aboki rates <type>                    # show current exchange rates
$ aboki rate <currency>                 # show exchange rate for currency
$ aboki convert <amount> <FROM> <TO>    # see how much money you'll get if you sell
$ aboki test                            # test aboki
$ aboki (-h | --help)                   # display help information

All commands that have side effects will prompt you for action before doing anything for added security.


v0.3: 05-09-2017

- Python 3 Support and Error handling.

v0.2: 04-16-2017

- Fixing some small documentation issues.

v0.1: 04-12-2017

- First release!

Like This?

If you've enjoyed using aboki, feel free to star this project, send me some bitcoin! My address is:


Or... You could tip me on paypal :)



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