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simple iptables bandwidth monitor
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iptmon: Simple iptables bandwidth monitor


iptmon is a script used to create and update iptables firewall rules to count transmit and recieve traffic to/from each host. It is intended to be triggered by dnsmasq using the --dhcp-script option, so that as new hosts are added and old leases expire, rules are updated dynamically.

Packet and byte counts can then be scraped by collectd using the iptables plugin. See files/etc/collectd/conf.d/iptables.conf for configuration.

Furthermore, collectd can push data to InfluxDB, which can in turn be used as a data source for Grafana dashboards.

Inspired by wrtbwmon.


To make use of iptmon, you should already be using luci-app-statistics and collectd to collect and process metrics.

The iptables module of collectd is used to collect per-host metrics.

iptmon depends on dnsmasq version >=2.80-16, which merged a PR to enable script-arp so make sure your dnsmasq package is up-to-date.

If you are using luci-app-statistics prior to git commit 4778aa6 you will need to upgrade as this commit merged a PR to fix the ip6tables firewall statistics view in LuCI.

Note that if you have software offloading enabled iptmon will not be able to track bandwidth usage properly.

Installation on OpenWRT

Head over to the releases page to downloaded the latest .ipk.

iptmon is a shell script, so it should work on all architectures.

After downloading, install with opkg install ./iptmon_$VERSION_all.ipk.


To uninstall, run opkg remove iptmon.

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