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Nginx Blacklist

This was inspired by bluedragonz/bad-bot-blocker and ported to nginx.

blacklist.conf utilizes the following two nginx modules to achieve the same results as the original bad-bot-blocker: ngx_http_geo_module and ngx_http_map_module. This provides admins with a single configuration file used for blacklisting any bots or malicious web crawlers without the need to complicate server blocks.


  1. Save blacklist.conf somewhere accessible by nginx.
  2. Include blacklist.conf in your nginx.conf before your server blocks.
  3. Add the following in each server block you wish to apply the blacklist to:
    if ($bad_client) {
      return 403;


geo $validate_agent block

This contains the list of IP Addresses that should be allowed to use any User-Agent blocked. By default, it will block all IP addresses using any of the matching IP addresses.

Syntax:                      0; 

Note: 0 = allow and 1 = deny.

geo $validate_client block

This contains the list of IP Addresses that should be blocked from accessing the site. This is used to check all IP addresses that don't match any of the offending User-Agent listed. By default, it will allow all IP addresses to do not match any current rules to access the site.

Syntax:                      1;

Note: 0 = allow and 1 = deny.


Block web crawlers (automated bots) from accessing your website served with nginx.



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