Basic OOI M2M API examples.
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OOI Machine to Machine (M2M) Demo

Basic instructions for using the OOI M2M Web Services. See ipython notebooks for examples using python's requests module.

Getting Started

  • Create a user account on or use the CILogon button with an academic or Google account.
  • Log in
  • Navigate to the drop down menu screen in the top-right corner menu
  • Click on the "User Profile" element of the drop down.
  • Copy and save the following data from the user profile: API Username and API Token. The API Username is similar to “OOIAPI-QTULEV9STCAS55”. The API Token is similar to “YXP2Q2W4SOP”.

Tools to access OOI M2M Web Services

python requests

requests.get('', auth=(API USERNAME, API TOKEN))


curl –k https://API USERNAME:API



Running the Notebooks

  • create a python virtual environment and start the notebook from inside
conda create -n m2m_demo python=2.7 anaconda

source activate m2m_demo

pip install xarray==0.9.0

pip install netcdf-python

pip install thredds-crawler

jupyter notebook

source deactivate

(The latest xarray gives an error, seems a known issue which was fixed in future versions, but for now downgrading to 0.9.0

Additional Resources

Example Applications Built on Top of M2M Web Services