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a0dad30 @mmeisinger Initial project structure defined
mmeisinger authored
1 [submodule "extern/ion-definitions"]
2 path = extern/ion-definitions
1a86400 @wfrench added marine-integrations as a submodule as a stop gap until we can
wfrench authored
3 url =
cc3a38a @wfrench needed newline at the end of the file
wfrench authored
12ab851 @blazetopher Added coverage-model as a submodule and included in autolaunch
blazetopher authored
5 [submodule "extern/coverage-model"]
6 path = extern/coverage-model
261eda5 @blazetopher Made submodule url for coverage-model read-only
blazetopher authored
7 url =
70f273b @jamie-cyber1 Change pyon to submodule
jamie-cyber1 authored
8 [submodule "extern/pyon"]
9 path = extern/pyon
10 url =
7341866 @jamie-cyber1 Add epu and eeagent as extern
jamie-cyber1 authored
11 [submodule "extern/epu"]
12 path = extern/epu
13 url =
14 [submodule "extern/eeagent"]
15 path = extern/eeagent
16 url =
025d6c5 @lukecampbell Adds new submodule ion-functions
lukecampbell authored
17 [submodule "extern/ion-functions"]
18 path = extern/ion-functions
19 url =
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