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If you are running the OOI system in a custom environment or on a mac,
it is required that postgres be correctly configured.
as user postgres:
echo "drop user ion;" | psql
createuser -s ion
echo "create database ion;" | psql
echo "grant all on database ion to ion;" | psql
echo "alter user ion with password 'ion';" | psql
This will create a superuser postgress account called ion with password ion.
It is strongly reccomended you change the password to something much better.
You can test that you have postgres correctly configured by returning to your
own user account and running:
psql -U ion -h localhost -p 5432
<enter the password you used above>
You should see something similar to:
psql (9.3.2)
Type "help" for help.
In order to configure coi-services to know the database connection details,
create a file in coi-services/res/config/pyon.local.yml containing:
name: your_favorite_name
username: ion
password: ion
admin_username: ion
admin_password: ion