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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""The Discovery service supports finding resources and events by metadata attributes, potentially applying semantic reasoning"""
__author__ = 'Luke Campbell <>, Michael Meisinger'
from collections import deque
import heapq
from pyon.datastore.datastore_query import QUERY_EXP_KEY, DQ
from pyon.public import PRED, CFG, RT, log, BadRequest, EventPublisher, get_sys_name, NotFound
from pyon.util.arg_check import validate_true, validate_is_instance
from import QueryLanguage
from import DatastoreDiscovery
from import BaseDiscoveryService
from interface.objects import View, Catalog
class DiscoveryService(BaseDiscoveryService):
MAX_SEARCH_RESULTS = CFG.get_safe('service.discovery.max_search_results', 250)
def on_start(self):
super(DiscoveryService, self).on_start()
cfg_datastore = CFG.get_safe('container.datastore.default_server')
if cfg_datastore != "postgresql":
raise Exception("Discovery service does not support datastores other than postgresql")
self.ds_discovery = DatastoreDiscovery(self)
# Query Methods
def parse(self, search_request='', id_only=True, search_args=None):
"""Parses a given string request and assembles the query, processes the query and returns the results of the query.
See the query language definition:
@param search_request str
@param id_only bool
@param search_args dict
@retval results list
""""Search DSL: %s", search_request)
query_request = self._parse_query_string(search_request)
return self._discovery_request(query_request, id_only=id_only, search_args=search_args, query_params=search_args)
def _parse_query_string(self, query_string):
"""Given a query string in Discovery service DSL, parse and return query structure"""
parser = QueryLanguage()
query_request = parser.parse(query_string)
return query_request
def query(self, query=None, id_only=True, search_args=None):
"""Issue a query provided in structured dict format or internal datastore query format.
Returns a list of resource or event objects or their IDs only.
Search_args may contain parameterized values.
See the query format definition:
@param query dict
@param id_only bool
@param search_args dict
@retval results list
validate_true(query, 'Invalid query')
return self._discovery_request(query, id_only, search_args=search_args, query_params=search_args)
def query_view(self, view_id='', view_name='', ext_query=None, id_only=True, search_args=None):
"""Execute an existing query as defined within a View resource, providing additional arguments for
parameterized values.
If ext_query is provided, it will be combined with the query defined by the View.
Search_args may contain parameterized values.
Returns a list of resource or event objects or their IDs only.
if not view_id and not view_name:
raise BadRequest("Must provide argument view_id or view_name")
if view_id and view_name:
raise BadRequest("Cannot provide both arguments view_id and view_name")
if view_id:
view_obj =
view_obj = self.ds_discovery.get_builtin_view(view_name)
if not view_obj:
view_objs, _ = self.clients.resource_registry.find_resources(restype=RT.View, name=view_name)
if not view_objs:
raise NotFound("View with name '%s' not found" % view_name)
view_obj = view_objs[0]
if view_obj.type_ != RT.View:
raise BadRequest("Argument view_id is not a View resource")
view_query = view_obj.view_definition
if not QUERY_EXP_KEY in view_query:
raise BadRequest("Unknown View query format")
# Get default query params and override them with provided args
param_defaults = { param.default for param in view_obj.view_parameters}
query_params = param_defaults
if view_obj.param_values:
if search_args:
# Merge ext_query into query
if ext_query:
if ext_query["where"] and view_query["where"]:
view_query["where"] = [DQ.EXP_AND, [view_query["where"], ext_query["where"]]]
view_query["where"] = view_query["where"] or ext_query["where"]
if ext_query["order_by"]:
# Override ordering if present
view_query["where"] = ext_query["order_by"]
# Other query settings
view_qargs = view_query["query_args"]
ext_qargs = ext_query["query_args"]
view_qargs["id_only"] = ext_qargs.get("id_only", view_qargs["id_only"])
view_qargs["limit"] = ext_qargs.get("limit", view_qargs["limit"])
view_qargs["skip"] = ext_qargs.get("skip", view_qargs["skip"])
return self._discovery_request(view_query, id_only=id_only,
search_args=search_args, query_params=query_params)
def _discovery_request(self, query=None, id_only=True, search_args=None, query_params=None):
search_args = search_args or {}
if not query:
raise BadRequest('No request query provided')
if QUERY_EXP_KEY in query and self.ds_discovery:
query.setdefault("query_args", {})["id_only"] = id_only
# Query in datastore query format (dict)
log.debug("Executing datastore query: %s", query)
elif "QUERYDSL" in query:
# Query in DSL format
if "query_str" not in query:
raise BadRequest('No query_str provided')
query = self._parse_query_string(query["query_str"])
elif 'query' not in query:
raise BadRequest('Unsupported request. %s' % query)
# if count requested, run id_only query without limit/skip
count = search_args.get("count", False)
if count:
# Only return the count of ID only search
query.pop("limit", None)
query.pop("skip", None)
res = self.ds_discovery.execute_query(query, id_only=True, query_args=search_args, query_params=query_params)
return [len(res)]
# TODO: Not all queries are permissible by all users
# Execute the query
query_results = self.ds_discovery.execute_query(query, id_only=id_only,
query_args=search_args, query_params=query_params)
# Strip out unwanted object attributes for size
filtered_res = self._strip_query_results(query_results, id_only=id_only, search_args=search_args)
return filtered_res
def _strip_query_results(self, query_results, id_only, search_args):
# Filter the results for smaller result size
attr_filter = search_args.get("attribute_filter", [])
if type(attr_filter) not in (list, tuple):
raise BadRequest("Illegal argument type: attribute_filter")
if not id_only and attr_filter:
filtered_res = [dict(__noion__=True, **{k: v for k, v in obj.__dict__.iteritems() if k in attr_filter or k in {"_id", "type_"}}) for obj in query_results]
return filtered_res
return query_results
# View Management
def create_view(self, view=None):
if view is None or not isinstance(view, View):
raise BadRequest("Illegal argument: view")
# view_objs, _ = self.clients.resource_registry.find_resources(restype=RT.View,
# if view_objs:
# raise BadRequest("View with name '%s' already exists" %
view_id, _ = self.clients.resource_registry.create(view)
return view_id
def read_view(self, view_id=''):
view_res =
if not isinstance(view_res, View):
raise BadRequest("Resource %s is not a View" % view_id)
return view_res
def update_view(self, view=None):
if view is None or not isinstance(view, View):
raise BadRequest("Illegal argument: view")
return True
def delete_view(self, view_id=''):
return True
def create_catalog_view(self, view_name='', description='', fields=None, order=None, filters=''):
"""Creates a view which has the specified search fields, the order in which the search fields are presented
to a query and a term filter.
@param view_name Name of the view
@param description Simple descriptive sentence
@param fields Search fields
@param order List of fields to determine order of precendence in which the results are presented
@param filters Simple term filter
res, _ = self.clients.resource_registry.find_resources(name=view_name, id_only=True)
if len(res) > 0:
raise BadRequest('The view resource with name: %s, already exists.' % view_name)
# Arg Validations
validate_is_instance(fields,list, 'Specified fields must be a list.')
validate_true(len(fields)>0, 'Specfied fields must be a list.')
if order is not None:
validate_is_instance(order,list, 'Specified order must be a list of fields')
for field in order:
if not field in fields:
raise BadRequest('The specified ordering field was not part of the search fields.')
fields = set(fields) # Convert fields to a set for aggregation across the catalogs
# Priorty Queue Index Matching
pq = [] # Priority queue for matching
catalog_id = None
catalogs, _ = self.clients.resource_registry.find_resources(restype=RT.Catalog, id_only=False)
for catalog in catalogs:
if set(catalog.catalog_fields).issubset(fields):
index_num = len(self.clients.catalog_management.list_indexes(catalog._id))
heapq.heappush(pq, (index_num,catalog))
if pq:
weight, catalog = heapq.heappop(pq)
if weight < 4:
catalog_id = catalog._id
if catalog_id is None:
catalog_id = self.clients.catalog_management.create_catalog('%s_catalog'% view_name, keywords=list(fields))
view_res = View(name=view_name, description=description)
view_res.order = order
view_res.filters = filters
view_id, _ = self.clients.resource_registry.create(view_res)
self.clients.resource_registry.create_association(subject=view_id, predicate=PRED.hasCatalog,object=catalog_id)
return view_id
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