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Commits on Oct 18, 2012
  1. @seman
  2. @seman
  3. @edwardhunter2
  4. @ifreecarve
  5. @ifreecarve

    pyflakes warnings cleaned

    ifreecarve authored
  6. @ifreecarve

    pyflakes warnings cleaned

    ifreecarve authored
  7. @ifreecarve
  8. @ifreecarve
  9. Fix instrument agent test with missing messages

    Jamie Chen authored
  10. @oldpatricka
  11. @swarbhanu

    Merge pull request #314 from swarbhanu/fix_big_cluster_uns_testing

    swarbhanu authored
    PR to resolve a fail in coi_testbc (couchdb cluster test).
  12. @swarbhanu

    Making test for find events use unique names. This might be resolve a…

    swarbhanu authored
    … fail in coi_testbc (couchdb cluster test)
  13. @oldpatricka

    Fix broken smoke tests in HAA and PD

    oldpatricka authored
    Mostly, code was not generous enough when being fed mocks rather than
    real objects
  14. @oldpatricka
  15. @oldpatricka
  16. @oldpatricka
  17. @MauriceManning
  18. @MauriceManning
  19. @wfrench
  20. @ifreecarve

    fixes to broken int tests

    ifreecarve authored
  21. @ifreecarve

    tweak module names

    ifreecarve authored
  22. @ifreecarve
  23. @seman
Commits on Oct 17, 2012
  1. @MauriceManning
  2. @MauriceManning
  3. @edwardhunter2
  4. @newbrough
  5. @edwardhunter2

    Remote client comments.

    edwardhunter2 authored
  6. @edwardhunter2
  7. @edwardhunter2
  8. @oldpatricka
  9. @edwardhunter2
  10. @edwardhunter2
  11. @edwardhunter2
  12. @swarbhanu

    Merge pull request #312 from swarbhanu/fix_test_ctd_transforms_L0_L1_L2

    swarbhanu authored
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