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Commits on Dec 18, 2012
  1. Release Version 0.1.5

    Jamie Chen committed
  2. @MauriceManning

    Merge pull request #422 from swarbhanu/shutting_down_demo_transform

    MauriceManning committed
    Shuts down the demo transform safely after tests using them are completed
  3. @swarbhanu
  4. @shenrie
  5. @shenrie
  6. @edwardhunter2
  7. @daf
  8. @MauriceManning

    Merge pull request #359 from swarbhanu/demo_check_events_db

    MauriceManning committed
    Added in test a query based on UNS find_events() that verifies that demo transform events go to the datastore
  9. @daf
  10. @swarbhanu
  11. Fix preload test names

    Jamie Chen committed
  12. @newbrough

    fix preloader messages, restore working unit test

    newbrough committed with Jamie Chen
  13. Bump to include cei launch changes

    Jamie Chen committed
  14. @edwardhunter2
  15. @MauriceManning

    Merge pull request #421 from carueda/fix_OOIION-626_use_DeviceEvent

    MauriceManning committed
    OOIION-626: use DeviceEvent instead of PlatformAlarmEvent
  16. @edwardhunter2
  17. @blazetopher

    Merge pull request #420 from lukecampbell/ingestion

    blazetopher committed
    Adds support for inline data writes.
  18. @carueda
  19. @edwardhunter2

    Add fake publishing tests.

    edwardhunter2 committed
Commits on Dec 17, 2012
  1. @edwardhunter2
  2. @MauriceManning
  3. @shenrie
  4. @MauriceManning
  5. @lukecampbell
  6. @shenrie

    Added policy to allow start, stop, assign and unassign operations in …

    shenrie committed
  7. @lukecampbell

    Merge pull request #419 from lukecampbell/ingestion

    lukecampbell committed
    Removes queue memoization from ingestion
  8. @lukecampbell

    Removes queue memoization from ingestion

    lukecampbell committed
    There is a very  unique and strange bug inside of Python's C layer which
    causes the container to go into an infinite loop when I assign a tuple
    consisting of a RLock and a Queue into an OrderedDict and then return
    the references to the objects. I can not trick or in any other feasible
    manner provide memoization for the internal queues, therefore they will
    be plain and not memoized in any way.
  9. @daf

    Merge pull request #418 from lukecampbell/ingestion

    daf committed
    Changes loop conditions to use gevent Events in ingestion
  10. @lukecampbell

    Changes loop conditions to use gevent Events in ingestion

    lukecampbell committed
    Ingestion's internal timer was using a bi-conditional while-loop to
    flush the queues, which caused unnecessary latency in on_quit. This
    patch converts the loop to use gevent.event.Event which exits
Commits on Dec 15, 2012
  1. @MauriceManning
Commits on Dec 14, 2012
  1. @shenrie

    Bumped ion-defs

    shenrie committed
  2. @shenrie
  3. @MauriceManning
  4. @MauriceManning
  5. @labisso

    Merge pull request #417 from oldpatricka/fix_cei_test_timeout

    labisso committed
    Fix timeout in await state event
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