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Commits on Mar 28, 2013
  1. @jamie-cyber1

    Release Version 2.0.17

    jamie-cyber1 authored
  2. @jamie-cyber1

    Merge pull request #812 from ifreecarve/2013-03-28_explicit_RR2_devic…

    jamie-cyber1 authored
    Fix RR2 calls that were broken by the addition of a new device-device association
  3. @shenrie

    Merge pull request #813 from shenrie/master

    shenrie authored
    Fix to workflow creation to not persist output data products
  4. @shenrie
  5. @shenrie
  6. @ifreecarve

    fix typo

    ifreecarve authored
  7. @ifreecarve

    fix RR2 calls

    ifreecarve authored
  8. @ifreecarve
  9. @lukecampbell

    Merge pull request #810 from blazetopher/geo_wgs84

    lukecampbell authored
    Changes the ellipsoid used in geo_utils to WGS84
  10. @blazetopher

    Merge pull request #799 from lukecampbell/lookup_tables

    blazetopher authored
    Adds register_producer_qc_table to DAMS
  11. @blazetopher
  12. @lukecampbell

    Renames methods

    lukecampbell authored
  13. @lukecampbell

    Small refinement to parse_document

    lukecampbell authored
  14. @lukecampbell
  15. @MauriceManning
  16. @shenrie

    Merge pull request #808 from shenrie/master

    shenrie authored
    Enhanced visualization service and tests to handle bad broker URL connections
  17. @shenrie
Commits on Mar 27, 2013
  1. @MauriceManning
  2. @MauriceManning
  3. @MauriceManning

    Merge pull request #788 from MauriceManning/pubaggalert

    MauriceManning authored
    add logic to publish aggregate alert events
  4. @shenrie

    Merge pull request #806 from shenrie/master

    shenrie authored
    Finalize get_user_info_extension parameters
  5. @shenrie
  6. @MauriceManning

    Merge pull request #805 from carueda/platform_tests_use_SBE37_EGG

    MauriceManning authored
    use seabird_sbe37smb_ooicore-0.1.0-py2.7.egg
  7. @MauriceManning

    Merge pull request #804 from ifreecarve/2013-03-27_geospatial_bounds_fix

    MauriceManning authored
    geospatial bounds fix -- keep things within range
  8. @carueda

    use http://sddevrepo.oceanobservatories

    carueda authored
    .org/releases/seabird_sbe37smb_ooicore-0.1.0-py2.7.egg per recent update in
    MI  (this should probably be defined in a single common place like pyon.yml)
  9. @ifreecarve

    geospatial bounds fix

    ifreecarve authored
  10. @lukecampbell

    Merge branch 'parse_document' of…

    lukecampbell authored
    …ices into lookup_tables
  11. @jamie-cyber1

    Merge pull request #803 from wfrench/master

    jamie-cyber1 authored
    bump sbe driver version
  12. @lukecampbell

    Merges ion-defs

    lukecampbell authored
  13. @wfrench
  14. @MauriceManning

    Merge pull request #802 from carueda/platform_instrument_hierarchy_la…

    MauriceManning authored
    Platform instrument hierarchy launch
  15. @tgiguere

    Bumps ion-defs again

    tgiguere authored
  16. @lukecampbell
  17. @carueda

    merge upstream/master

    carueda authored
  18. @tgiguere

    Bumps ion-defs

    tgiguere authored
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