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Commits on Jan 23, 2013
  1. @jamie-cyber1

    Release Version 2.0.2

    jamie-cyber1 authored
  2. @MauriceManning
  3. @MauriceManning
  4. @shenrie

    Merge pull request #488 from daf/ux_versions

    shenrie authored
    Add /version route to ServiceGatewayService for UX
  5. @labisso

    Merge pull request #496 from oldpatricka/OOIION-675

    labisso authored
    Catch more ha agent policy thread errors.
  6. @oldpatricka

    Catch more ha agent policy thread errors.

    oldpatricka authored
    Fixes OOIION-675, and adds a test for it
  7. @blazetopher

    Merge pull request #493 from lukecampbell/ingestion_pd_schedule

    blazetopher authored
    Changes ingestion restart schedule mode to ABNORMAL
  8. @MauriceManning

    Merge pull request #494 from ifreecarve/2013-01-23_processrestartmode…

    MauriceManning authored
    OOIION-679 - use ProcessRestartMode.ABNORMAL for instrument agent launch
  9. @MauriceManning

    Merge pull request #492 from swarbhanu/added_remove_testing

    MauriceManning authored
    Adds test and verification for the remove data process functionality in data process management service
  10. @ifreecarve
  11. @jamie-cyber1
  12. @MauriceManning

    Merge pull request #491 from carueda/fix_OOIION-674_set_resource_type…

    MauriceManning authored
    Fix ooiion 674 set resource type to platform device
  13. @MauriceManning
  14. @MauriceManning

    bump ion-defs

    MauriceManning authored
  15. @lukecampbell
  16. @swarbhanu
  17. @swarbhanu
Commits on Jan 22, 2013
  1. @carueda
  2. @MauriceManning

    Merge pull request #490 from ifreecarve/2013-01-16_egg_launch

    MauriceManning authored
    OOIION-584 tests validating egg launch, one skipped due to lack of raised error
  3. @carueda
  4. @ifreecarve
  5. @jamie-cyber1
  6. @wfrench

    bump port_agent back to master

    wfrench authored
  7. @ifreecarve
  8. @ifreecarve
  9. @ifreecarve
  10. @swarbhanu

    Removed an unnecessary line

    swarbhanu authored
  11. @swarbhanu
  12. @swarbhanu

    delete process definition now removes the associations too as it shou…

    swarbhanu authored
    …ld. Added test code. Test working
  13. @swarbhanu

    Added test code. Test works

    swarbhanu authored
  14. @swarbhanu

    Fixed the fact that the delete_data_process() method was not updating…

    swarbhanu authored
    … the modified data process object. Also added a lot of test code for checking delete
  15. @wfrench

    Merge pull request #489 from unwin/master

    wfrench authored
    launch driver process from egg working.
    Smoke tests are passing on dev machines.
  16. removed trailing slash in repo base per swarbhanu.

    Roger Unwin authored
  17. Change to allow egg launching from a URI. Tested with

    Roger Unwin authored
    bin/nosetests ion/agents/instrument/test/
    Also will work with ion/services/sa/test/ once that code is brought in from Ian.
Commits on Jan 21, 2013
  1. @daf
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