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Commits on Feb 21, 2013
  1. @jamie-cyber1

    Release Version 2.0.9

    jamie-cyber1 authored
  2. @labisso

    Merge pull request #584 from labisso/OOIION-728

    labisso authored
    Catch and log errors publishing PD process events
  3. @labisso
  4. @MauriceManning
  5. @lukecampbell
  6. @blazetopher

    Merge pull request #582 from lukecampbell/rdt_none_replace

    blazetopher authored
    Adds input validation and fill_value to rdt
  7. @lukecampbell

    Adds input validation and fill_value to rdt

    lukecampbell authored
    Input vectors into the record dictionary tool will replace None with an
    appropriate fill value for the specified parameter.
    RecordDictionaryTool now as a fill_value method to determine the fill
    value for a specified parameter.
  8. @shenrie

    Merge pull request #581 from shenrie/master

    shenrie authored
    OOIION-687 - Complete policy for full device lifecycle
  9. @shenrie
  10. @labisso

    Bump epu pointer

    labisso authored
Commits on Feb 20, 2013
  1. @MauriceManning

    Merge pull request #580 from swarbhanu/agent_state_computed_attr

    MauriceManning authored
    Implements uptime, computed attribute with an int value, to provide autosampling time
  2. @lukecampbell

    Typo in ion_loader

    lukecampbell authored
  3. @swarbhanu

    cleaning up unused import

    swarbhanu authored
  4. @swarbhanu
  5. @swarbhanu

    Removed get_autosample_duration() and instead we have the get_uptime(…

    swarbhanu authored
    …) which returns a computed attribute with int value
  6. @swarbhanu
  7. @swarbhanu
  8. @daf

    Merge pull request #578 from daf/attachment

    daf authored
    Support creating resource attachments in service gateway
  9. @daf
  10. @shenrie

    Merge pull request #579 from shenrie/master

    shenrie authored
    Minor policy precondition fixes and resource_lifecycle policy changes
  11. @shenrie
Commits on Feb 19, 2013
  1. @daf
  2. @swarbhanu

    Fixed missing imports

    swarbhanu authored
  3. @daf
  4. @daf
  5. @swarbhanu

    Implemented get_uptime(). This method returns a computed attribute wi…

    swarbhanu authored
    …th value set as the amount of time the instrument has been streaming
  6. @swarbhanu
  7. @swarbhanu
  8. @MauriceManning

    Merge pull request #571 from swarbhanu/fix_delete_notification

    MauriceManning authored
    Addresses OOIION-719 - Fixes the bug when resubscribing to an already deleted/retired notification
  9. @labisso

    Merge pull request #576 from oldpatricka/ensure_ee_started_before_hea…

    labisso authored
    Ensure that EE Agent is listening before sending heartbeats
  10. @swarbhanu

    Implemented the get_autosample_duration() method in insturment manage…

    swarbhanu authored
    …ment service that will allow for the computation of the corresponding computed attribute
Commits on Feb 18, 2013
  1. @swarbhanu
  2. @swarbhanu
  3. @lukecampbell
  4. @swarbhanu
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