UNS is now working fine with UX #391

merged 19 commits into from Dec 6, 2012

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No external api change was made to UNS.

The smtp client is created immediately before sending an email to avoid timeout issues when there is no activity.

The code was cleaned up so that unnecessary legacy code was cleaned up.

All tests are working.

UNS can now be used in the UX system and it has been verified that notification emails do get sent after subscriptions are created and the platform agent is in running mode.

Added description to the notification emails.

swarbhanu added some commits Nov 29, 2012
@swarbhanu swarbhanu removing the notification subscriptions. They seem to be unnecessary …
…duplicate work
@swarbhanu swarbhanu Placed the user_info underneath the UNS service and not the email eve…
…nt processor it launches. Makes the code more direct. Also fixed unit tests. All unit tests passing
@swarbhanu swarbhanu Fixed test_pub_reload_user_info_event method c5c65e7
@swarbhanu swarbhanu since no subscribers are created in event processor anymore, no need …
…to clean up
@swarbhanu swarbhanu fixed bug and test_user_info_UNS 006fa84
@swarbhanu swarbhanu Made test_user_info_notification_worker better. It is working 98997c3
@swarbhanu swarbhanu cleaned up. All tests working 2588998
@swarbhanu swarbhanu UNS sending emails using the data_alerts email address using mail.oce…
@swarbhanu swarbhanu added a log debug statement f4aabd1
@swarbhanu swarbhanu referencing the latest pyon commit in master d6bdf62
@swarbhanu swarbhanu using the latest ion def referenced in master 6b6925e
@swarbhanu swarbhanu Merge branch 'master' into fix_uns_for_ux 6d8baf1
@swarbhanu swarbhanu All tests working. Sending real email using UNS via a script e5996b4
@swarbhanu swarbhanu fixing so that batch email smtp clients get closed after batch emails fcfa05d
@swarbhanu swarbhanu fixed test_process_batch() and cleaned up some log debugs 56db8f7
@swarbhanu swarbhanu fixed test_batch_notifications() af7c75d
@swarbhanu swarbhanu Using the port while creating the smtp connection 9223b44
@swarbhanu swarbhanu setting up the client immediately before sending an email 62eb8be
@swarbhanu swarbhanu Added description in the email sent d13ee72
daf commented Dec 6, 2012

Looks good, thanks.

One thing to note is that we'd like to remove the self.smtp_client in the future as we don't need to store it as an instance attribute but Swarbhanu tells me this would require a lot of test correction. It's safe now due to the single-threaded style execution of the callback from the endpoint/subscriber/transform code. Just something that would be nice to change to make the code more concise later on.

@daf daf merged commit d44e61c into ooici:master Dec 6, 2012
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