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#!/usr/bin/env python
from fabric.api import *
import os
import re
# What does this release script do:
# get major.minor.micro from
# Chop off -dev tag at the end. If no dev at the end, bump the micro
# version
# commit it.
# Tag at the commit.
# Bump to the next dev version: major.minor.micro+1'-dev'
# commit it.
# Push changes and tags to remote
# How do you use a release like this:
# Get it from the GitHub by using the tag + tar ball feature
versionTemplates = {
'release': "version = '%(major)s.%(minor)s.%(micro)s'"
, 'dev': "version = '%(major)s.%(minor)s.%(micro)s-dev'"
, 'git-tag': 'v%(major)s.%(minor)s.%(micro)s'
, 'git-message': 'Release Version %(major)s.%(minor)s.%(micro)s'
, 'dev-message': 'Bump Version to %(major)s.%(minor)s.%(micro)s-dev'
# Monkey-patch "open" to honor fabric's current directory
_old_open = open
def open(path, *args, **kwargs):
return _old_open(os.path.join(env.lcwd, path), *args, **kwargs)
def _validateVersion(v):
versionRe = re.compile('^(?P<major>[0-9]+)\\.(?P<minor>[0-9]+)\\.(?P<micro>[0-9]+)(?P<pre>[-0-9a-zA-Z]+)?$')
m = versionRe.match(v)
if not m:
raise Exception('Version must be in the format <number>.<number>.<number>[<string>]')
valDict = m.groupdict()
for k in ('major', 'minor', 'micro'): valDict[k] = int(valDict[k])
return valDict
# Decorator class to fab target
class _cloneDir(object):
def __init__(self, gitUrl, project, default_branch):
self.gitUrl = gitUrl
self.project = project
self.default_branch = default_branch
def __call__(self, f):
def wrapped_f(*args, **kwargs):
local('rm -rf ../tmpfab')
local('mkdir ../tmpfab')
local('git clone %s ../tmpfab/%s' % (self.gitUrl, self.project))
with lcd(os.path.join('..', 'tmpfab', self.project)):
branch = prompt('Please enter release branch:',
local('git checkout %s' % branch)
kwargs['branch'] = branch
f(*args, **kwargs)
local('rm -rf ../tmpfab')
return wrapped_f
def _getReleaseVersion():
# Get current python version
currentVersionStr = local('python --version', capture=True).strip()
cvd = _validateVersion(currentVersionStr)
if not currentVersionStr.endswith('-dev'):
cvd['micro'] += 1
nextVersionStr = '%d.%d.%d' % (cvd['major'], cvd['minor'], cvd['micro'])
print 'You current version is %s. You release version will be %s' % (currentVersionStr, nextVersionStr)
return cvd
def _replaceVersionInFile(filename, matchRe, template, versionCb):
with open(filename, 'r') as rfile:
lines = rfile.readlines()
currentVersionStr = None
for linenum,line in enumerate(lines):
m =
if m:
vals = m.groupdict()
indent, currentVersionStr, linesep = vals['indent'], vals['version'], line[-1]
if currentVersionStr is None:
abort('Version not found in %s.' % (filename))
version = versionCb(currentVersionStr)
nextVersionStr = '%s%s%s' % (indent, template % version, linesep)
lines[linenum] = nextVersionStr
with open(filename, 'w') as wfile:
def _gitTag(version, branch='develop'):
versionTag = versionTemplates['git-tag'] % version
versionMsg = versionTemplates['git-message'] % version
comment = prompt('Optional comment for this release:', default='')
if comment != '':
versionMsg += ': ' + comment
local('git commit -am "%s"' % (versionMsg))
commit = local('git rev-parse --short HEAD', capture=True)
local('git tag -af %s -m "%s" %s' % (versionTag, versionMsg, commit))
print versionTag, versionMsg, commit
def release(branch):
# Deduce release version
nextVersionD = _getReleaseVersion()
# Update to release version
version_re = re.compile("(?P<indent>\s*)version = '(?P<version>[^\s]+)'")
_replaceVersionInFile('', version_re,
versionTemplates['release'], lambda old: nextVersionD)
# Tag at release version
_gitTag(nextVersionD, branch=branch)
# Immediately go to next dev version to ensure release version is tied
# to one commit only
nextVersionD['micro'] += 1
_replaceVersionInFile('', version_re,
versionTemplates['dev'], lambda old: nextVersionD)
devMsg = versionTemplates['dev-message'] % nextVersionD
local('git commit -am "%s"' % devMsg)
remote = 'origin'
# Push commits and tags
local('git push %s --tags' % (remote))
local('git push %s %s' % (remote, branch))