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Adds support for negotations #10

merged 11 commits into from Apr 2, 2013

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daf commented Apr 1, 2013

As outlined in Requesting Roles, Enrolling in Observatory, and Requesting Resource Access

From the UI a user/org manager is now able to:

  • Request observatory enrollment
  • Request a role in an observatory
  • Acquire a resource in an observatory
  • Exclusively acquire a resource in an observatory
  • Invite a user to enroll in an observatory
  • Invite a user to take a role in an observatory
  • Accept/Reject negotiations from the "Open Requests" table in either the Org or User facepages.

Initiating Requests

Most of these actions are initiated from the page dropdown, and get changed out based on current perms/roles (example):

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 6 21 39 PM

If Request Role is picked, a modal is brought up:

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 6 23 48 PM

(these vary based on which action is selected)

Accepting/Rejecting Requests

Open/closed requests are presented on the facepages of Org/UserInfo. A user with correct permissions on the correct page may accept or reject a negotiation. Allowable approved items will feature a new column in their data table:

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 6 14 15 PM

And clicking that row will yield a modal to Accept/Reject:

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 6 14 23 PM

daf added some commits Mar 25, 2013
@daf daf Typo 1c86ac8
@daf daf Request enroll for user working, framework set for others 3e18210
@daf daf Role request for orgs e7c36cc
@daf daf Invite user negotiations for org manager ab16b99
@daf daf Offer user role for orgs 8c87e82
@daf daf Refresh view after any negotiation completion c6c7c3e
@daf daf Fix for request_role template, using wrong attribute b759b0b
@daf daf Add actor_id to session model e31df82
@daf daf Request/Release and Exclusive access to devices c63b1a4
@daf daf Accept/reject negotiations from UI
Adds two optional params to the DataTable view:
- popup_view: A backbone view (should be a modal popup) to instantiate when the added column is clicked
- popup_label: Label to use for the column that indicates a popup
- popup_filter_method: callback to determine if the current passed in row should have the modal behavior.
@daf daf Allow users to accept negotiations too 0e41227
@tboteler-ooi tboteler-ooi merged commit c422203 into ooici:master Apr 2, 2013
@daf daf deleted the daf:negotiations branch Apr 2, 2013
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