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SIAM-CI integration prototype
Carlos Rueda - MBARI

Documentation is mainly maintained at:
For detailed updates, see ChangeLog.txt.

NOTE: the following build and run simplified instructions are appropriate 
for a local development environment where all needed runtime components
are on localhost. These instructions will be complemented as part of 
OOIION-67 to facilitate nightly builds and the use of a new VM where a 
SIAM node and an RBNB server will be running (OOIION-63).

Building the SIAM-CI prototype

	Get the code and check out develop branch:
		$ cd <some-base-directory>
		$ git clone
		$ cd siam-integration
		$ git checkout -b develop origin/develop
	Build the java part:
		You will need: Apache Maven, Apache Ant
		$ cd <some-base-directory>/siam-integration
		$ ./ build

	Python part:
		You will need: Python 2.5, virtualenv
		$ cd <some-base-directory>/siam-integration/python
		$ mkvirtualenv --no-site-packages --python=/usr/bin/python2.5 siamci
		$ workon siamci
		$ python  # only once
		$ bin/buildout         # whenever you change buildout.cfg and/or any parent files 

Running the integration tests
	Runtime prerequisites:
		- RabbitMQ broker on some host (by default, localhost)
		- Open Source DataTurbine RBNB server on some host:port (by default, localhost:3333)
			This is in particular needed for the data acquisition operation as it is 
			the mechanism used by SIAM
		- SIAM node with test instrument on some host (by default, localhost)
	Run the SIAM-CI adapter service:
		$ cd <some-base-directory>/siam-integration
		$ ./ start
	Run the integration tests (python):
		In a different shell session:
		$ cd <some-base-directory>/siam-integration/python
		$ SIAM_CI=- bin/trial siamci
	Shut down the SIAM-CI adapter service:
		$ cd <some-base-directory>/siam-integration
		$ ./ stop