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均等 — Kinto is a Japanese font family adapted to match size & balance with Latin characters in user interfaces. A project based off Google Noto fonts.
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When Japanese text is rendered on screens, there are chances that the characters are poorly displayed in terms of glyph size and baseline alignment. This is especially noticeable when numerals or Latin characters are displayed along with Japanese characters, making elements on interfaces hard to read. It's also painfully complicated to adjust glyphs and character settings in many of these screen environments from designing to shipping these interfaces.

That is where Kinto comes in, a Japanese font family adapted from the typeface itself to match size & balance with made for screen & UI Latin typefaces. Japanese glyphs in this font family has been simply scaled down with its baseline adjusted to align with other glyphs in the family. By process, it is precisely scaled down by 4.4% (100% → 95.6%) to mimick the way Japanese text is rendered on iOS as System Font. Thus, this typeface comes in handy when designing Japanese interfaces for iOS.

Kinto can be used in combination with many popular sans-serif typefaces such as Apple San Francisco, Google Roboto, Segoe UI, Inter, Arial, Helvetica and more...

Kinto is available in 6 weights, starting from the top: Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold and Black.


Download the latest master - It includes TTF, OTF, EOT, WOFF & WOFF2

Report Bugs & Suggestions

Please create a Github issue and provide as much information as possible regarding the bug, including images or error codes. To make things as uniform as possible please follow the guidelines set out in


Fork the Kinto repository on Github to your own account then clone it locally.

For all new features or bug fixes please create an issue in the main repository first (so we can track what goes into each release) then simply submit a pull request from your own fork into the original develop branch. To make sure the changes are easily reviewable please describe the context of your PR as simple as possible.


This project is based off Noto Sans JP, a part of Google Noto Fonts project.

Noto Fonts Repository
Noto CJK Repository


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