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squeryl-record + sample DB config & H2 console + jetty

There is embedded jetty and assembly sbt plugin for automated creation of self-serving jar package.

This app inserts/updates/deletes some simple records in the db.
Read the code (there are only few files) and play with it to get the idea.
Watch logging messages, to see what happens.

Apart from showing sample setup of squeryl-record with different database engines, this simple app includes a working configuration for building self-serving jar with embedded jetty. It is a very lightweight and flexible way to easily do deployment on any computer that has java. To create the jar, in sbt run:


Then cd to target dir and run:

java -jar

You can make it run in production mode like so:

java -Drun.mode=production -jar

You can give custom port number to be used by jetty:

java -jar 8090

Your server will start from the jar. Note, you can bring this jar on your usb stick and make any computer with java serve it. You don't need to install anything else, except from maybe a database :) but you can use h2 in-file db, to make it self contained. By default embedded jetty will use port 9090. You can close sbt, and this service will still work, with some adjustments this can be used in production.

In development mode, h2 console will be browser accessible at:
You may need to change port number to port given on the command line when starting executable jar or to default 8080 used by sbt if run from sbt. At the h2 console login screen, JDBC URL must be adjusted to something like this:


Use login name 'test' and a blank password. This can be changed by editing props files. Also there is a kind of up-to-date dependency collection in build.sbt


Database connection setup is based on code from Peter Petersson's example with some minor adjustments.

Embedded jetty configuration assembled by me with big help from Diego Medina and Lift mailing list participants.