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An object-oriented, open-source finite-element library for the simulation of multi-physics problems


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Please consult the file in this directory for installation instructions.

The oomph-lib homepage provides much more detail on installation instructions, tutorials, and licencing information. Provided you have downloaded a distribution that contains the documentation and you have the required tools (mainly doxygen; get it from here) available on your machine, the installation procedure will create a local copy of the oomph-lib webpages and the entire online documentation in the doc directory. In particular, doc/html/index.html is a local copy of the oomph-lib homepage.

To learn more about contributing to oomph-lib, please see which contains a detailed description of the workflow.


The original "architects" of oomph-lib (in alphabetical order) are Andrew Hazel (co-founder) & Matthias Heil (co-founder). Alongside the library founders, oomph-lib is currently maintained with the help of Jonathan Deakin and Puneet Matharu. However, the library has received (and is still receiving) significant contributions from former/current project/MSc/PhD students and collaborators. For an exhaustive list, see

If you're interested in joining the team, get in touch. We're always looking for more help!