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An effort to fix sprees vat handling, contributions welcome
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Spree's VAT handling (out of the box) is lacking in the following ways

  • only one rate is taken, others are ignored
  • default tax rate is not used
  • there is no option to include shipment in the tax calculation
  • coupons (and consecutive tax reductions) are not handled
  • rate matching is done by billing, not shipping address

This extension tries to fix at least several if not all of these problems

It does this by :

  • providing a Calculator::VAT implementation and
  • overriding tax adjustment creation in Order
  • adding taxes to shipment if vat is not included in prices (ie :show_price_inc_vat == false)


This is a work in progress (for spree 0.3/4 ) and if you have any contributions, please mail or send diffs.

If you are willing to help more/longer I will add you to the project list.


This extension also adds an option to use running order numbers (as required in some countries). Set :running_order_numbers in Spree::Config

As an aside, I have added the description of the tax category as the Adjustments label. So these show up in the summary and printouts (spree-print-invoice ext.) So where it used to say Tax (or whatever, you must now set your descriptions and will possibly get several)


  • several vat categories in an order WORKS
  • vat applied to shipping by default tax WORKS (if :show_price_inc_vat == false)
  • in fact (default) tax is applied to all non-tax adjustments
  • using default category WORKS
  • running Order numbers WORK

All tested with :show_price_inc_vat => false so

  • Preview box / Cart link / cart summary NOT done for show_price_inc_vat => true

NO TESTS - This is strictly "works for me" software, use at own risk and/or contribute tests

Copyright (c) 2011 [Torsten Rüger], released under the New BSD License

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