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OONI Probe iOS Build Status Slack Channel

OONI Probe is free and open source software designed to measure internet censorship and other forms of network interference.

OONI Probe

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Other supported platforms: Android, Desktop, CLI

Developer information

If you are interested in building the app yourself, read on.

To download and install the measurement-kit library we use CocoaPods.

To install cocoapod use

sudo gem install cocoapods # brew install cocoapods on macOS

Then use the command:

pod install

This command will install the latest stable binary measurement-kit library and its dependencies and install the frameworks inside the Xcode Workspace.

Then open the xcode workspace (not the xcode project!) located in ooniprobe.xcworkspace and click on run to build it.

How to complile a specific version of measurement-kit for an Xcode project.

You can use a specific version of measurement-kit it in your project by adding this line in your Podfile:

pod 'measurement_kit',
  :git => ''

You can use a specific branch, e.g.:

pod 'measurement_kit',
  :git => '',
  :branch => 'branch-name'

Similarly, you can use a specific tag, e.g.:

pod 'measurement_kit', 
  :git => '',
  :tag => 'v0.x.y'

Then type pod install and open .xcworkspace file (beware not to open the .xcodeproj file instead, because that alone won't compile).

Managing translations

To manage translations check out our translation repo and follow the instructions there.


  • Write some code

  • Open a pull request

  • Have fun!


We use fastlane for creating automatically app screenshots in the various languages we support.

You first need to have some depedencies installed. On macOS:

To install fastlane:

# Using RubyGems
sudo gem install fastlane -NV

# Alternatively using Homebrew
brew cask install fastlane


brew install libpng jpeg imagemagick

You will then be able to automate screenshot creation with:

fastlane screenshots

Learn more on the fastlane docs:

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