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Download the Zip file and extract it. Run the Windows installer Setup.exe. Launch VizNetGauge from the desktop shortcut.
(Recommended) Download the source. Build VizNetGauge. Visual Studio Community 2015 onward is required.


  • Network speed display.
  • Speed graph.
  • Peak speed display.
  • Auto scale the graph.
  • Auto detection of active network interfaces.
  • Display a single network interface or the total traffic from all.
  • Built in themes.
  • Customizations such as averaging times, update frequency and units.
  • Remembers window position and customizations.
  • Can be minimized to the tray or can stay on top of all windows.
  • Minimal Resizable Responsive UI.
  • Supported on MS Windows 7 to 10.
  • IDE MS VS 2015, C++, WMI, MFC