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Preserve scroll position #11

dandv opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Dan Dascalescu Tom Coleman Mike Bannister Jens Ulrich Hjuler Pedersen
Dan Dascalescu

To reproduce:

  1. Scroll down at to a package at the bottom, say angularjs.
  2. Click on angularjs
  3. Go back in the browser.

Notice how the scroll position has been reset to top.

Tom Coleman

Any thoughts on the best way to do this? Atmosphere is routed in a generic fashion right now so the list is re-drawn when you go back to it. So I think we'd have to store the scroll position in the URL?

Mike Bannister

Maybe it's not terrible to do a full page load when moving to a pkg page. Would solve this right?

Tom Coleman

I suppose it would..

Jens Ulrich Hjuler Pedersen

Store which item you last clicked ie. in a #hashtag or by other means. When it's done loading check if the current page has a #hashtag, load last position.

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