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Move back to using real dates #4

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What does this mean?


Oh; I think we store date as timestamps (something like date.intValue()), where as Meteor supports proper Date objects now.


Which timestamps? Just wondering if it matters...mrt just wraps Meteor.


The timestamps of the package created/update dates


Ah. Does Meteor use those in its package system?


Yes at the moment the packages times are stored as the javascript unix timestamp value. If you check out atmosphere and use Packages.findOne() in your browser's javascript console the updatedAt and createdAt values are integers, but we could store them as Date objects instead.

It might be better to hold on for EJSON to be implemented in the node-ddp-client so we can easily use them in meteorite without having to do type conversion though. That is if meteorite uses these values somewhere, which im a bit unsure of.

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Add a real date to span (see #4)
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