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Welcome to the wiki for Rocks! Lasers! Profit! A 2014 NASA Space Apps Challenge - Asteroid Prospector project.

Please visit http://rockslasersprofit.com/ to play or download the game and to view instructions and additional information.

This project is an educational game that allows the user to use data to identify and mine different asteroid types.

Rock! Lasers! Profit! is an educational game, designed to help both kids and adults learn about asteroids, their different types and their mineral compositions. The goal of the game is to collect as many resources as possible before fuel runs out. To do so, the gamer must strategically mine asteroids by analyzing the in-game asteroid composition distribution graphs and wave spectrum data.

This game offers a useful user interface, navigation and access to data. It is intended to be a good platform to expand upon. The source code is maintained here on github. You can follow the issue tracker for bug reports and future enhancements. This project is written in Unity3d Free, so anyone could work with this platform.

The Name - Why Lasers?

Lasers aren't on the table (as far as we know) as a mining tool in space, however it is an easy to understand game mechanic and addresses the mining sequence in the short amount of time of this challenge. If you would like to learn more about proposed space mining techniques please refer to this document, among others: Asteroid Retrieval Mission Concept – Trailblazing Our Future in Space and Helping to Protect Us from Earth Impactors

Future Considerations

  • Feeding in more data sets from various online resources
  • More involved mining sequence and options, along with a more realistic payback scheme
  • Advanced tools for prospecting
  • Increased scale
  • Performance improvements
  • Integrating Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift)
  • Gravity of asteroids affect one another
  • More realistic SkyBox (Stars)
  • Re-fueling using mined resources
  • Considerations to the market and value system