An iOS SpriteKit project - Command a spaceship to defend against incoming Androids!
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Attack of the Androids

You're in charge of a spaceship! Defend against oncoming Androids - do not let them pass!

How to play

  • Tap to fire rockets at your enemies
  • Move your phone (left-to-right, vice versa) to move your spaceship to ensure that the Androids are in your line of fire
  • If three Androids get through, it's Game Over!

Feature tracking:

  • Add spaceship
  • Add androids
  • Add rockets
  • Control spawning of androids in a better fashion
  • Implement collision with androids and rockets
  • Implement x-axis movement using accelerometer
  • Create start page*
  • Implement scoring
  • Implement Game Over scenario and screen
  • !BONUS: Add new weapon
  • !BONUS: Add variation in Android power/behaviour
  • !BONUS: Add better animation on collision
  • Handle calls to the app delegate
  • Move spaceship and monster to own class
  • Create App Icon
  • Add timer when game start (3 - 5 sec)
  • Add pause screen
  • Account for screen resolutions

*: Feature is implemented in a basic form, requires polish before first release.