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# NOTE(caleb): (To myself for when I'm awake) -- A paging token is (timestamp, repo_name, sha).
# It is necessary to know the commit (identified by (repo, sha)) because there's lots of collision in the
# timestamps (for example, when you rebase). So, to know the next (or previous) set of commits to show you, we
# need to know the timestamp AND the commit, and we can go look up the next N commits after that timestamp
# and then trim out the ones that appear before the commit listed in the token.
class PagingToken
attr_accessor :timestamp, :repo_name, :sha
def initialize(timestamp, repo_name, sha)
@timestamp = timestamp
@repo_name = repo_name
@sha = sha
# Presumably "/" is a good separator because it won't appear in repo_name
def to_s
def self.from_s(s)
timestamp, repo_name, sha = s.split("/") timestamp.to_i, repo_name, sha
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