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# This reads out some metadata about the current running version of Barkeep from files written at deploy time.
# In particular, git information such as the current HEAD, current branch, and user info are written to
# "git_deploy_info.txt", and all the commits reachable from HEAD (that is, the set of all commits contained in the
# deploy) are written to "all_commits.txt".
# This information is exposed through the /statusz route.
module Statusz
INFO_FILE = File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), "../git_deploy_info.txt")
COMMITS_FILE = File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), "../all_commits.txt")
def self.summary_info
return "No deploy info available" unless File.file? INFO_FILE INFO_FILE
def self.commit_info(sha_part)
return "" unless File.file? COMMITS_FILE
return "Need more than '#{sha_part}' to search." unless sha_part.size > 4
matching_commits = `cat #{COMMITS_FILE} | grep "^#{sha_part}"`
return "No matching commits" if matching_commits.empty?
"Matching commits:\n" << matching_commits
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