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require "open3"
require "resque"
module ResqueJobHelper
def self.included(klass) klass.extend(ClassMethods) end
module ClassMethods
attr_reader :logger
# Called by most jobs to automate boilerplate and ensure we don't forget something important
# (like reconnecting to the DB).
def setup(log_file_name = nil)
log_file_name ||= "#{@queue}.log" # @queue will be something like :db_commit_ingest.
@logger = MetaRepo.logger = Logging.logger = Logging.create_logger(log_file_name)
# In any Resque worker, our SQL connection will be invalid because of the fork or if the connection
# has timed out.
def reconnect_to_database() DB[:users].select(1).first rescue nil end
# Runs a command and progressively streams its output and stderr. Throws an error if exit status is nonzero.
def run_shell(command)
exit_status = nil
Open3.popen3(command) do |stdin, stdout, stderr, wait_thread|
stdout.each { |line| line.strip }
stderr.each { |line| line.strip }
exit_status = wait_thread.value.to_i
raise %Q(The command "#{command}" failed.) unless exit_status == 0
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