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# Extensions that are monkey-patched into Grit for convenience.
# NOTE(caleb): Several methods (Commit#message, Actor#name, Actor#email) are monkey-patched to force UTF-8
# encoding. This is because grit will return ASCII-8BIT strings (essentially a binary byte sequence) for these
# fields, and this causes problems because Ruby 1.9 won't let you concatenate these with UTF-8 strings unless
# the ASCII-8BIT string has no byte values > 128.
require "grit"
require "methodchain"
module Grit
class Commit
attr_accessor :repo_name
def link() "/commits/#{@repo_name}/#{@id}" end
def timestamp() date.to_i end
unless self.method_defined? :message_original
alias_method :message_original, :message
def message() message_original.then { force_encoding("utf-8") } end
class Repo
attr_accessor :name
def origin_url() self.config.fetch("remote.origin.url") end
def has_refs?() !self.refs.empty? end
class Actor
unless self.method_defined? :name_original
alias_method :name_original, :name
def name() name_original.then { force_encoding("utf-8") } end
unless self.method_defined? :email_original
alias_method :email_original, :email
def email() email_original.then { force_encoding("utf-8") } end
def user() @user ||= User.find(:email => email) end
# The default to_s() for Actor only includes the author's name, not email.
def display_string
# If the author's display name is empty, which it sometimes is, strip() will eliminate the whitespace.
"#{name} <#{email}>".strip
def gravatar
hash = Digest::MD5.hexdigest(email.downcase)
image_src = "//{hash}"
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