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Add a couple contributors to the readme.

Also put contributors in lexicographic order for easy resorting.
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@cespare cespare authored
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@@ -56,16 +56,16 @@ around developing Barkeep. You can email the group at
Barkeep was written by the following Ooyala engineers:
* Bo Chen ([bo-chen](
-* Phil Crosby ([philc](
-* Kevin Le ([bkad](
-* Daniel MacDougall ([dmacdougall](
* Caleb Spare ([cespare](
+* Daniel MacDougall ([dmacdougall](
+* Kevin Le ([bkad](
+* Phil Crosby ([philc](
and with contributions from other Ooyala engineers:
-* Noah Gibbs ([noahgibbs](
* Brian Zhou ([zdyn](
* Manish Khettry ([mkhettry](
+* Noah Gibbs ([noahgibbs](
and community members:
@@ -73,6 +73,8 @@ and community members:
* Alice Kærast ([kaerast](
* Dann Luciano ([dannluciano](
* Dylan Tack ([dylantack](
+* Fabio Kenji ([fkenji](
+* Guzmán Brasó ([guzmanbraso](
* Liron Yahdav ([lyahdav](
* Michael Quinn ([mikejquinn](
* Ron Toland ([mindbat](
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