Make client ajax code more resilient to latency and failure #240

cespare opened this Issue May 10, 2012 · 1 comment

2 participants


We should scrub all of our ajax calls to make them better handle high latency and failure. When tackling this task, feel free to open smaller tasks to track the actual work required.

Here are some examples of improvements:

  • While waiting on a comment submission, we should gray out the comment box (or otherwise indicate that something is happening) and not allow the user to interact with it. If the submission fails we need to indicate that and allow the user to resubmit.
  • Similarly for other kinds of data submissions
  • If our background ajax requests fail (maybe more than once), we should indicate on the page somehow that there may be a connection problem.
  • error handlers for all the ajax requests.
  • For most types of requests, disallow quickly resending until the original has returned or timed out (see #225, for example).


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