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Barkeep is a fast, fun way to review code. Engineering organizations can use it to keep the bar high.

To see a video of Barkeep in action, visit

Barkeep is standalone software that you host. Once it's set up, you can use it to track and code review any number of git repos available on the internet. It's designed to be easy to run on Mac or Ubuntu.

Getting started

Since Barkeep is a web app with dependencies like MySQL, Redis, and others, the easiest way to get it running quickly is to run it inside a virtual machine using Vagrant:

$ cd barkeep
$ script/vagrant_quick_start.rb

You will need a few dependencies (like VirtualBox) before you can set up Barkeep inside of Vagrant, but this script will help you get them. It will take a few minutes and once it's done, Barkeep will be running inside of Vagrant. You can then browse to http://localhost:8080 to play with it.

You can shut it all down later using bundle exec vagrant halt.


See the wiki for instructions on setting up Barkeep for development, deploying it to your own server and tracking git repos with it.

Read here for a comparison of Barkeep to other code review systems.


Barkeep was designed to be easy to hack on, so feel free to dive in. Open a ticket to suggest a new feature or just send a pull request with your changes.

Simple style guidelines: mimic the style around you, cap lines at 110 characters.


Barkeep was written by the following Ooyala engineers:

and with contributions from:

Barkeep is released under the MIT license.

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