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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Build an hostname -> UUID lookup table in Cassandra for the REST service to use.
# Eventually, this will run in real-time when registrations and Ohai
# data arrive. When/if we add the git commit feed, we can probably
# process DNS updates as they occur too.
require "cassandra/1.0"
require "hastur/api"
require "hastur-server/cassandra/schema"
require "hastur-server/time_util"
require "multi_json"
require "termite"
require "trollop"
require "time"
opts = Trollop::options do
opt :cassandra, "Cassandra server list", :default => [""], :type => :strings, :multi => true
opt :keyspace, "Cassandra Keyspace to use", :default => "hastur"
cass_client =[:keyspace], opts[:cassandra].flatten)
end_ts = Hastur::TimeUtil.usec_epoch
start_ts = end_ts - Hastur::TimeUtil::USEC_TWO_DAYS
puts "Starting on: #{Hastur::TimeUtil.usec_to_time(start_ts).iso8601}"
puts "Ending on: #{Hastur::TimeUtil.usec_to_time(end_ts).iso8601}"
opts = { :consistency => ::Cassandra::Constants::TWO }
cnames = Hastur::Cassandra.lookup_by_key cass_client, :cnames, start_ts, end_ts, opts
uuids = Hastur::Cassandra.lookup_by_key cass_client, :uuid, start_ts, end_ts, opts
ohais = Hastur::Cassandra.get cass_client, uuids.keys, "info_ohai", start_ts, end_ts, opts
regs = Hastur::Cassandra.get cass_client, uuids.keys, "reg_agent", start_ts, end_ts, opts
# partially borrowed from the retrieval service's uuid -> hostname route
out = {}
uuids.keys.each do |uuid|
# first, try the registration information
if regs[uuid] and regs[uuid]["reg_agent"]
reg_ts, reg_json = regs[uuid]["reg_agent"][""].shift
reg = MultiJson.load reg_json rescue {}
out[reg["hostname"]] = uuid
out[reg["nodename"]] = uuid
# /etc/cnames is an Ooyala standard for setting the system's human-facing name
# cnames should pretty much always be fully-qualified
if reg["etc_cnames"]
reg["etc_cnames"].each do |cname|
out[cname] = uuid
# use ohai to fill in additional info, including EC2 info
if ohais[uuid] and ohais[uuid]["info_ohai"]
ohai_ts, ohai_json = ohais[uuid]["info_ohai"][""].shift
ohai = MultiJson.load ohai_json rescue {}
# ohai hostname is almost always useless since they call hostname -s
# fqdn is fine since they call hostname --fqdn
out[ohai["fqdn"]] = uuid
# ec2 names are pretty much globally unique, cram them in
if ohai["ec2"]
out[ohai["ec2"]["local_hostname"]] = uuid
out[ohai["ec2"]["public_hostname"]] = uuid
# these are currently globally unique, but supposedly that's not guaranteed ...
out[ohai["ec2"]["instance_id"]] = uuid
unless out.values.include? uuid
STDERR.print "Could not create a single map for uuid #{uuid}!\n"
# one more pass to add cnames from DNS zonefiles
out.keys.each do |hostname|
if cnames.has_key? hostname
out[cnames[hostname]] = out[hostname]
out.delete(hostname) if hostname.nil?
out.delete(hostname) unless hostname =~ /\w+\.\w+/
# write into a daily bucket, overwrite is the common case
bucket_ts = Hastur::TimeUtil.usec_truncate end_ts, :one_day
example = { :lookup_by_key => { "host-uuid-#{bucket_ts}" => out } }
puts MultiJson.dump(example, :pretty => true)
cass_client.insert(:lookup_by_key, "host-uuid-#{bucket_ts}", out)