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package spark.jobserver
import com.typesafe.config.Config
import org.apache.spark.SparkContext
sealed trait SparkJobValidation {
// NOTE(harish): We tried using lazy eval here by passing in a function
// instead, which worked fine with tests but when run with the job-server
// it would just hang and timeout. This is something worth investigating
def &&(sparkValidation: SparkJobValidation): SparkJobValidation = this match {
case SparkJobValid => sparkValidation
case x => x
case object SparkJobValid extends SparkJobValidation
case class SparkJobInvalid(reason: String) extends SparkJobValidation
* This trait is the main API for Spark jobs submitted to the Job Server.
trait SparkJob {
* This is the entry point for a Spark Job Server to execute Spark jobs.
* This function should create or reuse RDDs and return the result at the end, which the
* Job Server will cache or display.
* @param sc a SparkContext for the job. May be reused across jobs.
* @param jobConfig the Typesafe Config object passed into the job request
* @return the job result
def runJob(sc: SparkContext, jobConfig: Config): Any
* This method is called by the job server to allow jobs to validate their input and reject
* invalid job requests. If SparkJobInvalid is returned, then the job server returns 400
* to the user.
* NOTE: this method should return very quickly. If it responds slowly then the job server may time out
* trying to start this job.
* @return either SparkJobValid or SparkJobInvalid
def validate(sc: SparkContext, config: Config): SparkJobValidation
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